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analog selfie kinda chick

analog selfie kinda chick

established in 2010

Now, I could tell you how much I like tacos and coffee like everyone else (for real though...board games and podcasts), but I'd rather tell you about what I love. I love my creative and supportive community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. I am influenced most by the natural world, but find inspiration wherever my work takes me. I love to get to know my clients and am lucky to call many of them friends. So let's hang out. Laugh at ourselves, talk about what makes you tick, and then in the spaces in between...I love to use light, or the lack there of, to capture your untold stories. The stories that seem to reveal themselves best as the sun sets and we all let out a collective sigh. The beauty that can be found between harsh light and deep shadows. I feel strongly that heavily altered photos are not an authentic reflection of my work or my clients' individuality and though I prefer to capture you candidly, I'm great with giving thoughtful direction. I love to challenge myself for the perfect shot and always welcome creative collaboration.

My hope for our session is to create images that are a genuine representation of your relationship, whether that be with your fiance, your spouse, your children or even with yourself. I want to help foster those connections from behind the lens. I believe our favorite environments are an enxtension of ourselves, so whether you choose to be captured intimately in your home or face-to -the-wind on a beloved mountain path, I'll follow your lead. If you're having trouble coming up with a vision for your session, not to worry. I love nothing more than to meet clients for a bite and a brew at the local pub and find our way together. Regardless of the details, I will always aim to make you feel known and proivde you with tangible memories of your life's most sacred moments. I love to challenge myself for the perfect shot and always welcome creative collaboration.  bottom line is i love being able to do this as a living and i am extremely grateful for my client's continued belief in me and support.  i can't wait to see what we come up with together.  

XOXO candice